• Air Plants of Mexico - Set of 5 Air Plants

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Air Plants from South of the Border! A visit to Mexico wouldn't be complete without a few air plants. This collection features Ionantha, Velutina, Butzii, Juncea and the Queen of Air Plants, Xerographica.We will hand pick the best Mexican air plants in our nursery and each will be tagged with its species name. You can order one batch of five or increase the item count to get 10, 15 or 20 at a great price! Your collection will include plants as small as 2 inches(Ionantha) and as large as 8 inches (Xerographica). Display them together for a Mexican fiesta. They will be a wonderful source of joy and conversation.

Order includes five items: Ionantha(1) Velutina(1) Butzii(1) Juncea(1) Xerographica(1). Each will be hand picked from our nursery.

We will send budding or blooming air plants when available but they are limited. Half the fun is watching and waiting for yours to explode into color!

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Air Plants of Mexico - Set of 5 Air Plants

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