The Queen of air plants! Xerographica (zer-o-gra-fi-ka) is endemic to Mexico and produces a spectacular bloom that can be 4 times the plant's height! Everyone loves this curly green and pinkish Tilly. Their popularity almost caused them to go extinct due to collector demand but they are widely available now due to nurserymen. Xerographica makes a great gift or centerpiece for any table. These will arrive at your doorstep 6 to 8 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches tall and will grow three times that size.

Images provided may be of budding or blooming air plants. We will ship budding or blooming specimens when available but they are limited. Half the fun is watching and waiting for your new friends to display their colors. Post your images on our Facebook Page when they do! Join our email list for updates on our currently blooming inventory.

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Set of 3 Xerographica Air Plants

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